Probably most of you have experienced the problem with mold in the car. I read that this is a common problem for all cars, especially in winter or when it rains outside. When the interior cannot dry out completely it causes bad smell and mold, of course. At first I tried to clean the mold by myself, using protective gloves and detergents, advertised for mold removal. However, they smelled awful and it was really difficult to breathe while cleaning. The result was unsatisfactory and the smell was even worse. So I called Car Clean London LTD for car upholstery cleaning. They came home right on time for the scheduled cleaning procedure and did the work really fast. It was the best car upholstery cleaning procedure I have ever used. And I have tested the services of a long list of cleaning companies.

East Sheen SW14

I would like to share you my positive experience with the best car upholstery cleaning company in N16  – Car Clean LTD. But let me introduce myself – my name is Amanda and I am a mother of two adorable daughters who love drinking raspberry juice. This juice is an excellent and beneficial drink for children but causes awful stains. In fact, the upholstery on my back seats of the car was devastated because of this red liquid. I had more than a dozen of raspberry juice stains which I tried to clean on my own but unsuccessfully. I tried various detergents and none of them had effect.

I asked a friend of mine who also have small children what preparation she uses for keeping the perfect condition of her car upholstery. She told me she is relying entirely on Car Clean LTD’s services. She gave me their number and I booked a car upholstery cleaning service for the next day. On the next day – Saturday (I remember because it made me impression I was not charged additionally for receiving a service at weekend), an expert from Car Clean LTD arrived at my address. For about an hour he washed away all the stains on my upholstery, leaving it in fabulous condition. Also, he gave me some advices how to cope with such stains on my own. I am extremely satisfied with Car Clean LTD’s services!

Stamford Hill

Last Saturday I prepared a huge birthday party. I was a bit stressed because I was responsible for the whole organization of the event. After I purchased all the products, drinks, birthday cake, I put everything on the back seat and for the first time I felt I am ready. The only thing that I had to do is to get safe home and unpack the purchases. Unfortunately, just around the corner before I turned down my street, a small kid jumped out on the street without even looking around. He was chasing his ball. I almost had a heart attack! I pushed on the breaks as hard as I could. I that moment I did not hear anything but the sound of my heart beat. When I came home, still shaking from the incident, I opened the back door of the car and saw the real disaster. The birthday cake was smashed on my upholstery. Also, one of the bottles of alcohol had broken and the liquid was pouring down on my carpet. So I took all the purchases out of my car and called my husband immediately. His friend was working in Car Clean LTD – a trusted car upholstery cleaning firm. He was part of their team from more than 8 years and undoubtedly was one of the best professional cleaners in the city. He came home in less than an hour with powerful equipment and detergents, and in no time my car was restored to brand new condition!

St Margarets

Last Tuesday while I was driving to an important preparation for a wedding I was taking a sip from the morning cup of coffee. I did not have time to enjoy the needed dose of this fabulous liquid at home. Actually, this morning I felt really sleepy and perhaps that was the main reason to be so clumsy. Instead of placing the coffee in the special coffee stand, I just dropped it and it spilt on my seats and carpet.
Unfortunately, I was already late for the happy occasion and I had no time to think about this situation. So 8 hours later when everything was over, I checked online for a competent car upholstery cleaning company that could help me with already dried coffee stains. Surprisingly it didn’t take long and I found Mobile Car Clean – a company with thousands of positive feedback. I called them and ordered emergency car upholstery cleaning service. Now I am enjoying a fresh looking like brand new car seats and carpet! I would recommend Mobile Car Clean’s services to all my friends and colleagues.

St John’s Wood