Last Tuesday while I was driving to an important preparation for a wedding I was taking a sip from the morning cup of coffee. I did not have time to enjoy the needed dose of this fabulous liquid at home. Actually, this morning I felt really sleepy and perhaps that was the main reason to be so clumsy. Instead of placing the coffee in the special coffee stand, I just dropped it and it spilt on my seats and carpet.
Unfortunately, I was already late for the happy occasion and I had no time to think about this situation. So 8 hours later when everything was over, I checked online for a competent car upholstery cleaning company that could help me with already dried coffee stains. Surprisingly it didn’t take long and I found Mobile Car Clean – a company with thousands of positive feedback. I called them and ordered emergency car upholstery cleaning service. Now I am enjoying a fresh looking like brand new car seats and carpet! I would recommend Mobile Car Clean’s services to all my friends and colleagues.

St John’s Wood