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Car Upholstery Cleaning West London N15Leather Car Upholstery Cleaning West London N15 – If you want to receive the most incredible car interior cleaning West London N15 at the most affordable cost, you have to contact Mobile Car Clean West London LTD. Our firm is in this sphere for almost 10 years and we are pleased to tell we have thousands of regular clients. Our team of expert cleaners is made of the best and précised experts in the city. Our experts are confided to accomplishing superb results and think about every detail. That way they are achieving outstanding effects and you will be impressed by the look of your car interior. Moreover, we are applying proven secure maintaining detergents and our techniques are at your disposal 24-7 .

-Short notice bookings available
-Various methods of payment
-Fully insured cleaners
-Harmless cleaning detergents

Automobile Cleaning & Detailing Car Upholstery Cleaning West London N15

Car Upholstery Cleaning West London N15The method of car interior cleaning West London N15 begins with cleaning with a super powerful vacuum cleaner.
It is emphasized on places around the edges and under the seats. After that a stain remover is applied on the damaged places. The product varies, depending on the type of the spot. The following moment is cleaning the surface of the interior as concurrently is sprayed super powerful product. To end the cleaning process, the interior is deodorized for enjoying fresh scent inside your car.

Five Stars Car Upholstery Cleaners for Seats & Carpets West London N15

Stain Removal:
Regardless whether the concern will be :
– cream, mayonnaise, mustard, cappuccino spill, poured, splashed, sprinkled
– milk, mud, washable ink, wet or latex paint, colas
-blood, chocolate, coffee, tea and cigarette burns, grease
-dye transfer,egg, fabric softener
-ink,ketchup,lipstick,maple syrup
-nail polish,paint,perfume perspiration,pine resin,scorch,shoe polish

Professional Auto Detailing Prise List

(this service is mobile only, all clients must provide access to electricity )
Minimum Charge Per Visit - £50
Fabric Leather
Seats of Two Seater Sports Car/Roadster £50 £50
Full Car Upholstery (seats, carpets, mats, boot) £59 £69
SUV Full Auto Upholstery £79 £89
MPV Full Auto Upholstery (7 Seater) £79 £89
Price Per Additional Seat £10 £15
Child Car Seat Deep Cleaning + £7
Full Exterior Detailing (jet wash, wipe dry + polish) + £50
Additional Stain Guard/Odour Treatment (on demand) + £15
For additional information or personalised quotation, please call or e-mail our Customer Support Team
PLEASE NOTE: Additional Parking And Congestion Charges May Apply


Car Upholstery Cleaning West London N15When you have to clean your car interior from pet’s hair, the first step is always to vacuum carefully the entire upholstery. This is done to allow to extract the accumulated filler in the fabric dust and solid impurities. Vacuum cleaning is not always sufficient method for getting rid of pet’s hair sticking between the seats. Here are some suggestions for easy car cleaning.

Best Car Upholstery Cleaning West London

Make yourself sticky glove

Car Upholstery Cleaning West London N15If you need to quickly and effectively perform car cleaning procedure and you don’t have special device nearby, you can try the following trick – take a long piece of duct tape and wrap it around your palm with the sticky side out. Carefully pass the upholstery with light, tapping movements – all the hairs will stick to the “glove”. It is best to use masking tape as it is strong enough to clean hair without leaving spots of glue on the upholstery.

Removing hair with a damp cloth and brush

This is a simple but very effective method for removing long hair from your car interior. Take a clean cloth, moisten it and gently and carefully clean the upholstery. Then, using a brush with stiff hairs carefully collect piles of fur that failed to stick to the cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove stacks hair from seats.

You can clean car upholstery with the help of rubber! Believe it or not, the rubber is your best friend when you need to clean the short hairs that are stuck to your car interior. Everything, made of rubber, will do a great job – household cleaning gloves, latex gloves or even rubberized device for cleaning windows will be extra helpful for car cleaning.

It may sound strange but some people take their cats on a long drive with the car. So if you experience a problem with car cleaning after you have driven a cat inside the vehicle, here is our advice:

Removing cat hair with hair spray is a technique that is very suitable for such type of cleaning. Spray the surface from a distance and wait to dry completely. You may open the car windows for speeding up the drying process. Then, use a stiff brush to gather hair pile and remove them with a vacuum cleaner.

You’ll be surprised by the effectiveness of this method, but its secret is very simple – spray makes fur thick and hard, and consequently – easier to clean. If you do not have hair spray in hand, you can do the same with anti-static spray.

While there are many specialized devices for removing cat and dog hair from furniture and clothing, experience has taught us that sometimes even the newest gadget is not more effective than those listed above tricks.

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