Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15

Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15Steam Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15 – If you want to get top quality car upholstery washing Sidcup DA15 at the most reasonable cost, you need to contact Mobile Car Clean Sidcup LTD.We are in this field near a decade and we are happy to admit we have several thousands of regular customers. Our team of expert cleaners is gathered of the most competent and devoted professionals in the city. Our specialists are devoted to accomplishing superb results and think about every detail. Thus they are scoring marvelous effects and you will be dazzled by the appearance of your car upholstery. Besides that, our company is using absolutely safe maintaining products and Mobile Car Clean Sidcup LTD techniques are available 24 hours a day .

-Open on Bank Holidays
-Most reasonable amount
-Professional and fast working cleaners
-Safe and non – toxic cleaning

Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing Steam- Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15

Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15The process of car upholstery washing Sidcup DA15 starts with vacuuming with industrial vacuum cleaner.
It is spend more time on areas around the corners and between the seats. Next, a stain remover is applied on the stains. The stain remover is chosen according to the type of the spot. The next step is steaming the surface of the upholstery as simultaneously is applied super effective product. To conclude, the upholstery is sprayed with a deodorizer for having fresh odor inside your vehicle.

Best Car Upholstery Cleaners for Seats & Carpets Sidcup DA15

Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15Coping with Stains:
Regardless whether the situation will be :
– orange juice, apple juice, cherry juice, banana juice spill, poured, splashed, sprinkled
-alcohol beverages, excrement, ice cream, milk
– mustard,vomit,wine and oil,
-dye transfer,egg, fabric softener
-ink,ketchup,lipstick,maple syrup
-soft drinks,tar,tobacco,typewriter correction fluid,tomato,watermelon,wine

Detailing Steam- Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15

Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15Check some of the most important cleaning methods that you will be given the opportunity to take advantage of:
Washing and vacuuming with an industrial vacuum cleaner
Handling dry, stubborn stains
Keeping the ideal look and the fresh colors of your upholstery
Deep specialized car upholstery washing of every the entire surface of your car upholstery, including the corners between the seats.


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Professional Auto Detailing Prise List

(this service is mobile only, all clients must provide access to electricity )
Minimum Charge Per Visit - £50
Fabric Leather
Seats of Two Seater Sports Car/Roadster £50 £50
Full Car Upholstery (seats, carpets, mats, boot) £59 £69
SUV Full Auto Upholstery £79 £89
MPV Full Auto Upholstery (7 Seater) £79 £89
Price Per Additional Seat £10 £15
Child Car Seat Deep Cleaning + £7
Full Exterior Detailing (jet wash, wipe dry + polish) + £50
Additional Stain Guard/Odour Treatment (on demand) + £15
For additional information or personalised quotation, please call or e-mail our Customer Support Team
PLEASE NOTE: Additional Parking And Congestion Charges May Apply

Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup DA15Mobile Car Upholstery Cleaning Sidcup

The main purpose of car cleaning is improving the air in the vehicle and providing healthier environment for the driver and for the passengers. However, if there is repelling odor after you have finished car cleaning procedure, although you have cleaned every spot from the interior, this is a sign there is a problem with air conditioner.

Generally air from the air conditioner has to be odorless or with a light and sweet scent. Unfortunately, sometimes the smell is quite unpleasant and intrusive. This may indicate a problem in the system. To solve this problem and bring the fresh air in your vehicle, follow our advices. First, you should lift the lid and look at the components of the air conditioner. Check breakthroughs in hoses, loose clamps. If everything is ok, check the antifreeze. If it is dirty, it can transmit unpleasant smell in the air. Especially if there is worn sealing of the cooling system and there is a leak. If there isn’t a problem established, check for debris in the engine compartment. Pay attention on the filters for air conditioners – open and clean them. Sometimes moisture is stored in the system. The moisture remains a long time and begins to smell unpleasant. One way to get rid of the smell is to run the air conditioner for a while, and then turn it off. Then run fans for cold air to flush the system and pipes for several minutes. In addition to that, there are special products to flavor the air conditioner, you can try to clear the system and through them, but the effect will be short-lived. You will have better results with any of the first 3 steps.

After you have taken care for the interior, it is time to perform exterior car cleaning. To take care for the paint of the car, you have to clean it regularly. The recommended minimum for exterior car cleaning is to perform that procedure once on every two weeks. If there are some insects on your car, they have to be removed as fast as you can because they will damage the paint of your car. Polishing and waxing should be made once or twice a year. That way you will maintain the best possible look and condition of the paint. It is of great significance to use only high quality products for polishing because they will protect the paint from the sun lights during summer.

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