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Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1Expert Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1 – If you wish to get top quality vehicle interior cleaning Central London EC1 at the most decent cost, you need to contact Mobile Car Clean Central London LTD. Mobile Car Clean Central London LTD is in this sphere for almost 10 years and Mobile Car Clean Central London LTD is happy to admit we have several thousands of customers who regularly order our cleaning services. Our team of specialists consists of the top and hard-working professionals in the city. They are dedicated to achieving perfect results and pay attention to every detail. As a result they are achieving exemplary effects and you will be dazzled by the appearance of your vehicle interior. Moreover, Mobile Car Clean Central London LTD is using proved to be safe cleaning preparations and our services are at your disposal 24 hours a day .

-Open on Bank Holidays
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Car Cleaning & Interior Valeting end Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1

Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1The technique of vehicle interior cleaning Central London EC1 begins with vacuuming with industrial vacuum cleaner.
It is emphasized on places around the corners and between the seats. After that a stain remover is applied on the stains. The stain remover is chosen according to the kind of the stain. The following stage is cleaning the surface of the interior as concurrently is sprayed incredibly effective detergent. At the end, the interior is deodorized for having fresh scent inside your vehicle.

Five Stars Car Upholstery Cleaners for Seats & Carpets Central London EC1

Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1Treatment of Various Stains:
Regardless whether the thing will be :
– ink, tea, hot chocolate, coffee, milk, juice, cola spill, poured, splashed, sprinkled
– milk, mud, washable ink, wet or latex paint, colas
-blood, chocolate, coffee, tea and nail polish, wax, gum, glue
-adhesives,baby formula,baked bean,barbecue sauce beverages,blood
-ink,ketchup,lipstick,maple syrup
-soft drinks,tar,tobacco,typewriter correction fluid,tomato,watermelon,wine

Van and Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1

Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1Here are some of the premier cleaning methods that you may find useful:
Removing all the dust and dirt and cleaning with a powerful vacuum cleaner
Taking care for old, hard for removal stains and spills
Keeping the beautiful look and the colours of your upholstery
Deep expert vehicle upholstery cleaning of every single area of your vehicle upholstery, along with the corners between the seats.

Professional Auto Detailing Prise List

(this service is mobile only, all clients must provide access to electricity )
Minimum Charge Per Visit - £50
Fabric Leather
Seats of Two Seater Sports Car/Roadster £50 £50
Full Car Upholstery (seats, carpets, mats, boot) £59 £69
SUV Full Auto Upholstery £79 £89
MPV Full Auto Upholstery (7 Seater) £79 £89
Price Per Additional Seat £10 £15
Child Car Seat Deep Cleaning + £7
Full Exterior Detailing (jet wash, wipe dry + polish) + £50
Additional Stain Guard/Odour Treatment (on demand) + £15
For additional information or personalised quotation, please call or e-mail our Customer Support Team
PLEASE NOTE: Additional Parking And Congestion Charges May Apply

Professional Car Upholstery Washing Services in Central London EC1 by Mobile Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London LTD

Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London EC1If your dog has peed on the seats in your car, you should act quickly. You can clean the stain with paper to absorb it. Treat the area with a solution of water and white vinegar, and leave the mixture to soak well into the stain. Vinegar neutralizes the ammonia in the urine, which is the major component for the repelling smell of the liquid. Soak the mixture well with paper and clean top of the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner. On the dry spot insert teaspoon baking soda and brush. Mix in a cup 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of dish soap and pour on soda. Prior applying all the liquid, test it in a hidden area for discoloration of upholstery. Brush and clean again with a vacuum cleaner. That is a simple and yet highly effective way for car cleaning and coping with urine stains on your upholstery.

Car Upholstery Cleaning Central London

The main purpose of car cleaning is removing the unpleasant odor from the car. Cigarette smoke has very strong smell that penetrates deep into the surrounding objects. If only once someone has smoked in your car, the smell of cigarettes will be sensed for a long time. In addition to being uncomfortable, this is particularly harmful to you if you’re a non-smoker or if you suffer from asthma. Car fresheners could not help effectively because they themselves are contraindicated in the presence of respiratory diseases and allergies. Therefore you should use alternative methods to get rid of unpleasant odors in your car.

One of the unpopular methods for car cleaning and coping with cigarette smoke is leaving a cloth soaked in vinegar for 1 night between the car seats.

Another easy trick is to cut in half 2-3 big ripe apple. Leave them for a few days in the vehicle. They will absorb all odors. In addition, you may put bags of coffee in different locations in the car. A few days later there will be no memory of nasty odors. Moreover, sprinkle the seats and floor mats with baking soda and leave it for one night. Then clean with a vacuum cleaner. This method will help to remove stains from upholstery.

Divide in half 2 natural vanilla pods and place them in different locations in the car for 1 week. So throughout you’ll enjoy sustainable vanilla flavor. I have tested this method and I can guarantee for its effectiveness. Try it! You won’t be sorry for sure!

Another interesting way to remove the smell of cigarette smoke may use people who have a cat at home. Pour into a suitable container of special absorbent sand for the cat litter and place it in the car overnight.


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